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Nothing puts us closer to our creator than creativity.

It is what we were put on earth to do.

But creativity should not be personal. Everyone has access to creativity. It comes from a higher power. It comes from something outside yourself.  But as soon as we attach our name to it....As soon as we say "I CREATED THIS",  it becomes part of our ego. It has become part of our self worth. Therefore, you become completely dependent on outside validation. You need people to like your project. You need people to give you praise.

But truthfully, it's not YOU that is creative. You are an instrument. You are a tool. You are given creative insight in order to create. You are not special. Insight and creativity were given to you by God. If it's not successful, then you are being asked to obtain mastery. That is part of the process. You are being told to keep going. Keep creating. You will be rewarded when you are good enough.  When you can turn creative insight it into something that connects with people. Something that touches lives. Painting. Writing. Music. Photography. A business. It doesn't matter. There is a process you must follow. But if you are consumed with the outcome, you might stop at the first bad review, the first negative comment. 

 Don't be attached to the outcome. Just be blessed that you are an instrument for creation. Keep going. You were put on this world to create.