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Q&A During The Holidays

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4xmas The holidays are about family, love, peace and prosperity. It's about holiday movies, Xmas music, buying presents, and uncomfortable moments with relatives who don't quite understand what the f*** you're doing with your life.

Wait, what?

YOU MUST BE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR FUTURE. You can’t diddle around and run up credit card debt. You must get a safe job with good benefits and steady pay. You must plan ahead. You must set yourself up for retirement. You need to reproduce and have mortgages, buy assets, start planning. You need diverse stock portfolios, 401K’s, and did I mention, babies. You need a recession proof job in an emerging industry. We need grandchildren, for heaven's sake, we need grandchildren.

 A list of Holiday questions you might have to answer

When will you get married? Engaged? Have a gf/bf?

When will you get a real job?

When will you have babies?

When will you buy a house?

Will you be able to afford orthodontic work for your future kids?

Shouldn't you have health insurance at this point?

Did you vote for Obama?

Are you financially irresponsible?

Have you paid off your student loans?

Are the tires on your car safe?

Are you eating healthy?

When's the last time you went to the doctor?

Having family members who care about you is a good thing. But PLEASE don't panic. They ask because they care. But this is your race, your career, your life, your future. In my opinion, here's the questions you should really ask yourself this holiday/new year.

What are my talents? Am I happy doing what I'm doing? Am I using my talents to  serve the world? How can I serve my friends, family, coworkers, and the random dude in the checkout aisle? Am I spending my days doing something that adds value and allows me to be creative?

Stay on your path.

Have faith.

And if the stress of having kids or getting married gets to crazy, get a puppy.