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24 Things I Learned from STEVE JOBS (by Walter Isaacson)

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  1. A vision and a purpose is the most powerful thing a person can have. It can rally people around you. It can make them do the impossible.
  2. If you always adhere to logic and reason, you will never build anything extraordinary.
  3. Don’t let self doubt and fear interfere with your initial instinct.
  4. Don’t ever put money first. Put your attention on the things that excite you. The universe will compensate you accordingly.
  5. Create something that will improve the world.  The universe will reward you.
  6. Never settle for good enough. It doesn’t pay to be pretty good at a bunch of things.
  7. Find the few things you do well and focus your attention on being the best.
  8. Don’t be afraid to tell people EXACTLY what you're thinking.
  9. People pleasing won’t get you the results you want..
  10. Find people that will challenge you. Find people that will tell you the hard truth.
  11. Surround yourself with the best.
  12. Take walks.
  13. Take walks with great people.
  14. Focus on the product. Make it so amazing that consumers HAVE to tell their friends. That’s the best Marketing Strategy.
  15. Lead from your heart.
  16. Speak with your heart.
  17. Put your heart into your work.
  18. Don't settle for good. Be GREAT.
  19. Demand nothing short of success from yourself and you will get it.
  20. But treat others with kindness. Your legacy depends on it. (This is something that Jobs didn't excel
  21. Observe what everyone else is doing. Then THINK DIFFERENTLY.
  22. Everything you see around you was made up by people that were no smarter than you
  23. Stay Hungry.
  24. Stay Foolish..