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Why An Artist Should Have More Ambition Than Talent

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I believe an artist should have more ambition than talent. I know the thought conjures up some amateur on American Idol--whose voice sounds like a dying dolphin--- crying to the cameras after being kicked off the show… THIS IS MY DREAM!!! That’s not the exactly the type of artist I'm taking about.

I’m talking about the artist who dedicate their lives to a craft. An artist who paints, writes and creates without any validation, sometime for years---until talent finally catches ambition.

I believe mosts artists start out with more ambition than talent. They begin as disillusioned dreamers who create mediocre art with flashes of potential. They might not know it's mediocre or why no one responds to it, but they continue creating through all the rejection and failure. I believe it’s hope and love for what they do that gets them through the pain of rejection. Because most people will walk away.

And eventually, after years of creating art, they earn the right to be declared talented. There's no such thing as as overnight success.