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If You Give A Mouse A Dream

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If you give a mouse a dream, he’ll probably think it’s not practical and go back to his day-to-day routine.

And once he's back to his day- to-day routine, he might just forget about his dream altogether.

If he forgets about his dream, there will probably be something in his life that is unfulfilled.

And if his dream and passion stay dormant, he won’t make much of an impact on the world.

But if you a give a mouse self-confidence, urgency and purpose to go along with his dream, then he might just leave his day-to-day routine.

And it is here, outside his comfort zone, that he'll likely do something unexpected.

If he does something unexpected, he'll probably make an impact on someone’s life.

Having made an impact on someone’s life, he'll probably want to do it again and again and again. And if he does that, he'll leave the world a better place.