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The Kickstarter Propaganda Campaign

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When you first launch a Kickstarter campaign, you cannot fully grasp what the efforts entail. You kind of think, "hmmm, I'll send this link to friends and family and hopefully Kickstarter will put it on the front page--nice and shiny for everyone to seeee!!!" YEAH RIGHT. Let's be honest, you can't just post your project and watch miracles happen. You have to grind, hustle, promote in every way imaginable. And as most of my friends can attest, facebook is the primary vehicle for my spam. So instead of just posting my project, I decided to get creative. This is my Kickstarter Propaganda Campaign. I tried at the end to give each backer a personal picture after each pledge (sorry, if I didn't get to everybody). But trust me, this isn't even half.



















So there you have it, my Kickstarter Propoganda Campaign. And remember, oh yes, there is still time to vote.