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The Aimless Run

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Have you ever gone for a run without a plan?

Just like, "ok, I should probably go for a run, let’s do this."

If you’re anything like me, this is what happens.

I start out with a good song on my Ipod and I start cruising, oh yeah, oh yeah, killing it! Then after three songs, I start to slow down. My lungs start to cry for air and my forehead is dripping like a Gatorade commercial. This is the part where I end up stopping, wheezing and rolling on the ground. That’s it, I’m done!

But why do I quit?

Because I had no plan, no goals and no commitment to the run.

Now if running was a priority in my life, this is what I would need to do.

I would need to set a goal. I want to run 10 miles by 8/2012. Ok, goal is set.  Now I will set milestones: This week I will run three times (2 miles each ). Next week, I will run three times (2.5 miles each) and so forth and so forth, until eventually, by 8/2012, I will have met my 10-mile goal. Next, in order to commit to the goal, I will have to make a list of “why” doing this is important to me.  If the list doesn’t have an emotional charge, if the motivation isn’t there, I will quit at the first sign of pain. Once I decide that the “why” is strong enough for me to continue, I will sign my name down next to the goal and remind myself everyday that this is what I’m doing, anything short of my goal is unacceptable. This is my commitment.

In the subsequent weeks that follow, there will still be a moment during my training that I will want to quit. I’ll be tired, lagging, wheezing and frustrated. This is the point most people give up.  Why? Because the short-term pain starts to outweigh the perceived benefit of reaching their long term goal.

Fortunately, in this case, I have given a 100% commitment to my long term goal, which means that the disappointment in letting myself down is worse than any pain I'm currently enduring. And once I do finish the run, that’s when the pain will be worth the effort. That’s when I’ll feel the biggest sense of accomplishment, because I was willing to go through the hardships that most people aren't willing to endure.

But to be honest, I hate running.

So I'll just apply this to my dreams.