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From Early to Late Twenties

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Growing older is a love/hate relationship. On one hand, growing old sucks. I hate that I actually have to stretch when I play sports. I hate that the decision to eat In-N-Out in lue of a salad, actually makes a difference when I step on a scale. I hate that a hangover can last deep into the following day and four shots of anything 70+ can turn me into a sloppy drunk.  I hate that having a plate of nachos at 3:00 am would probably just give me heartburn now.

But when it comes to chasing my dream, I love getting older.

I love that I know myself enough not to start and stop a project on a whim. I know "talking" about doing things is a lot different then actually doing them. I know that a few hours here and there will NEVER be enough to see my dream come into fruition. I know that good intentions are not the same as results. I know that if you are willing to do things most people won't, you will get things few people have.  I know that the "worst" thing is never that bad. I know that fear and self doubt are fucking powerful and have to be defeated everyday.

These are all things I didn't know in my early twenties.

And that's why getting older isn't so bad.