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Ship Your Art

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 I always think the first draft of my manuscripts are brililant. Holy shit, this is the best thing I'VE EVER WRITTEN. Then I reread the same thing a day later and suddenly it's the worst thing I have ever written. Sometimes, I look at something I wrote when I was 22 and wonder if I really have a college diploma. Sometimes, I'll look at it and wonder why I didn't go to Stanford instead of UCSB. But no matter what mental roller coaster I decide to ride, I go into every piece of work knowing that this SOB manuscript is going to be shipped. Of course, it's not easy. Sometimes, I cling to hope and wake up invigorated and sometimes I cling to fear and smack the snooze button on my alarm. The truth is, creative peeps can be up and down, pumped up and scared. We can throw away whole books because "they suck" or can imagine sitting on Orpah's couch answering questions about the protagonist. But at the end of the day, we have to ship our work. We have to put it on kindle or give it to the readers. If it can touch one person, that's great. If it becomes a best seller, that's even better. If it get's smashed by reviewers, whatever, try again. So many people have come up to me after I published my first book and said, "I've written something." "Really? Where can I find it?" * blank stare.*

We all give back in some way.  Some do it by battling diseases in Africa and some do it by clicking "donate $1 to breast cancer" at the Safeway check-out. But if you have a book, or a lost manuscript, a project, a drawing, whatever it is, ship that bitch. Show the world. Not just because you think it's going to be a bestseller or go viral, because it's your duty to give your art back. Don't let fear or self doubt get in the way of shipping.