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A Self Help Book Written By a Lottery Winner

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A lot of rich peeps write books. Why? Because they have the knowledge to get from point B (BROKE) to point R (RICH). When the 600 million dollar lottery crazy swept through the states, I wondered, what would a self help book written by a lottery winner state. So you want to know how to be successful in life?  Well, I’ll tell you. First you have to be lucky. You have to play things like the lottery and gamble. The chances aren’t very good, so this is going to take a while. They key is to keep doing what you’re doing for a day job and hope to win big.  Did I have to work hard to be a millionaire? No.  Do I know what to do with the money now that I have it? Not really. Do I have a mission or purpose to focus my energy on? Technically, no. Wow, this book sucks. I should probably stop writing it.

So many times I have wished success would just come to me. Like, dude, alright, enough’s enough! Can we just fast forward life and get to the point where I am sitting in a hot tub overlooking the Mediterranean? And before I do that, I stop and think, even if I had all that magic genied to me, would I really be satisfied with how I got it? Would I even appreciate what I had or would I just keep trying to achieve something else? So maybe, the key is to enjoy the process, no matter how much your small apartment bugs you, or literary agents don’t acknowledge you, or venture capitalists don’t fund you. Enjoy it, because you WILL get there if you take enough action, and when you do, you might just miss the thrill of the chase.