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If You Don't Follow Me, You're A Commie! @JoeMcCarthy

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Can you imagine if Senator Joe McCarthy had a Twitter account during the Red Scare? If that dude could go viral without youtube and Facebook, could you imagine what he could have done in today’s world? Seriously, one tweet from @joemccarthy about a possible commie or a photo-shopped pic on instagram of a congressmen with Stalin, and the Twitter world would have blown up! And could you imagine how many people would follow him? If you don't follow @JoeMcCarthy you are a socialist, and if god forbid you UNFOLLOW him, well, YOU ARE A COMMMIIEEEEE!!!!! These days it’s a common occurrence to see an absurd rumor (like Snookie dying) being blasted in the Tweetosphere to a point where a celebrity has to actually go on a video chat and say, “Hey peeps, I’m not dead.”  It’s like a horrible game of telephone that starts of with “I heard Snookie canceled an appearance” to “Snookie was eating a fifteen pound burrito and choked to death on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.”

The point is that no matter what you are promoting, what you are selling, there has never been a better time to spread an idea. And I’m not condoning  you spread false rumors, but it is important to know that if you generate enough buzz on whatever you are selling, you can go from no exposure to trending topic in a matter of days.  But you have to be persistent. Sometimes your VIRAL idea won't get passed beyond two friends on facebook. Sometimes it feels like no one is reading that awesome blog you've been promoting. But all it takes is one eye, one connecter, and the rest is history. Think outside the box, do work and keep putting out content and big ideas. Eventually, something will happen.

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