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Wiki Leaks @ Facebook

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When Wiki Leaks posts classified cables and secret information on their site, people go ape shit. Not really the majority of America, but everyone involved in protecting government information and the officials whose names are on those documents. But what would be the most devastating Wiki Leaks for our generation? Oh yeah, Facebook activity logs. It is common knowledge that Facebook stores our activities, what friends we click and how long we click on them. If someone at Facebook were to leak this information, I guarantee there would be widespread panic.

This just in, 400,000 facebook cables were released today, documenting the acvity of thousands of users. With widespread panic and protests in Palo Alto, CA the company is doing its best to contain the situation.  You can find out whose has been staring at YOUR profile at 

Facebook stalkers would be exposed, secret crushes and hidden affairs, questions like “why did that guy from my Philosophy class spend  five hours looking through my pictures.” "Why has my best friend Rick clicked on my Cabo vacation album over a thousand times."

To be honest I'm a little upset. And yes, part of it is that Spotify unknowingly leaked my listening habits, * cough cough*  Mariah Carey's "Butterfly" to my entire network. Ha! But as Facebook continues to monotize ads and cool applications ask for more and more access to our profiles, I wonder if our generation might be giving up a little too much to facebook. There once was a time we were all upset about them adding the newsfeed, now look, what would we do without it?

A good question to ask, if someone from the inside leaked your user's activity to the world, would it devastate your reputation amongst your friends. I'm just saying.