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Are You There, Writer? It's Me, Kindle.

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A book is a pain in the ass to produce. Between cover design, layout, publishing fees and finding distribution--getting your words to the world can be expensive and time consuming (whether you have a publisher or not). I love hardback and paperback books BUT I will never make the mistake of self publishing without testing the market with the Kindle platform first. If you are serious about being a writer, the ebook platform is a god sent angel. Think about a world where you don’t need spines, back covers, or templates; a world where distribution can be found with an upload and a click. Oh yeah, welcome to the Kindle store.  If you are anything like me, Kindle will not be enough. Eventually, I will desire a sweet hardbound copy of my  book chilling on the shelf. But what Kindle allows me to do is test the market and build a platform. This can be your hub to drive traffic and get feedback before putting in the work to produce a book that people may or may not want to buy.  There is nothing worse then putting in all the effort to bring your hardback book to life and then getting annual royalties of $20 a month because your Aunt Becky decided to have her friends buy the book. Not cool. So here is your chance to test the demand. If you start to notice that your sales are balling out of control, then traditional publishing might be a good call. But if not, get yo’ Kindle on. Personally, when my own novel went to the Kindle store, it didn't make any serious waves at first. But after a free promotion, I had thousands of people that may have never taken a risk on the novel, give it a shot. Whether your make a ton of money on these downloads is irrelevant. The most important thing, people are reading your words!

Kindle success stories? Well, two indie authors, John Locke and Amanda Hocking are both on Kindle's million plus sales club. That's right, two authors without traditional publishers sold over a million copies of their books. Awesome. Also, at 70% of the royalties, Kindle doesn't sound so bad right?