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The Art Of Throwing A Book Across A Room

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On several occasions, I’ve had to throw a book across the room. Not in disgust, but as in, “Holy shit, this book just reached into my head and exploded!” It’s one of those moments when you know the words hit home in every way possible. It’s an “aha” moment or maybe you even shed a tear, look away from the book and whisper, “He gets me.” It’s a book that inspires you to take one more step forward, or even one step back, in order to take one step forward. Wait, what? I hate to use the word, but I had a quarter-life crisis. I was in my second year of my first job out of college, when I slammed my head against my desk in defeat. I don’t know if it was the TPS reports or just my general disgust for the five pounds of belly fat that had been added since joining cubicle nation, but I was a mental mess. I remember going to the bathroom and looking in the mirror. I was fitted with a horrible suit and a tie from Target, and I asked myself, “Is this the best it gets.”

I got home that day, and there was a book that a friend had left me. I remember picking up that book (Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill); and before you know it, I had thrown it against the wall. “What the ***** did he just say?! I can do what?!” From that point on, I was hooked. Not every book I’ve ever read has been thrown against the wall. Some I actually just shut because they were boring. But there have been a few that have touched, inspired, motivated and moved me. Books have been my vehicle out of cube nation and have been my Xanax at points of “wahhhhhhhhhh!” (me sobbing). So thank you, books; I appreciate what you’ve done. I plan to give it back, and I’m sorry for throwing you against the wall.